WOWLIVE’s brand founder, Nathan Evans, always proposes the idea of “simple home furnishing and enriching life.” Nathan is a home products designer, more so, a fanatical fan of organization products. With an extreme pursuit in life quality and beauty,He found a lack of variety in the storage & organization  category. Many product designs are often incompatible with a home’s style. So, how to let storage & organization integrated as part of the interior beauty? That was the question he wanted to breakthrough. For so, Nathan joined a study tour to japan to explore in-depth storage product’s demand in life and how to apply humanized design concepts. He believes that storage & organization speaks to our heart, more so, express orderly beauty. Therefore,WOWLIVE was founded in 2017, aim to let life be thrilled again with storage & organization.

Brand Positioning

WOWLIVE’s storage & organization tools are applicable to bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen, balcony, and outdoor space, etc. The design concept integrates simplicity and on-trend element, humanized design, handiness, safe, and follows environmentally friendly guidelines. WOWLIVE’s brand philosophy is committed to letting life be thrilled again with storage & organization; to improve comfort and happiness of home living; to make the process of storage & organizing a family time to enjoy, and allow everyone to feel a beautifully exquisite life in a well-organized home.